Interior design project consists of several stages. After the first meeting with the client, a terms of reference for a design project are drawn up, which specify the style preferences of the customer, his preferences in colors, the purpose of each room, any mandatory functional purpose of the premises.

Stages of works and prices:

1. Stage of planning. Involve:

  • the measurement plan
  • options for planning solutions with the arrangement of furniture and equipment
  • discussion of the layout with the customer
  • drawing the final version of the room layout

2. Sketching and/or 3D visualization.

At the request of the customer to save time work on the project instead of 3D visualization may perform sketches of the future interior, making collages for greater clarity.

3. The preparation of working drawings and bills of materials.

4. Supervision (at the request of the customer).

  • departure to the object
  • visit the store together with the customer to select materials for decoration and furniture
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